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The Centro Studi Aurora Onlus, founded on April 1990, is a non-profit association operating in the fields of human rights and professional training, promoting the central position of the human being and civil growth, through the associative structure, in a framework of ongoing education.

In the field of professional training, contributing to the creation of innovative professional figures, based on criteria of both efficiency and efficacy, we program social and pedagogical support activities providing integrated solutions to the job market.

In response to the demands of this market and specifically the needs of health workers to be professionally updated and qualified, in the last few years the Centro Studi Aurora has widened its training courses obtaining from the Health Ministry the status of "Provider" of ECM events (Organizer Code: 8678).

In general we are involved in many projects in the fields of tourism, preservation of cultural heritage and the environment, transnational cooperation, crafts and services. All projects aim at providing an integrated social and educational framework helping people getting into the job market. The Association obtained UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2001.



The Centro Studi Aurora Onlus promotes employment, the development of human potential, the promotion of personal talent and resources, pertaining particularly to the environment, historic and cultural heritage, in close collaboration with the institutional and social organizations located in the area.



research activities, training, professional advice and technical assistance to central, regional and local government throughout the country.



to the needs of the territory and its people with targeted services.



services to the territory and to the training systems of companies and government offices; we program and experiment new services.


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